Cat Toys by Gigi

Cat Toys Made with Love for the Kitties We Love!

Cat Toys by Gigi

Crocheted toys made with love for the kitties we love!

All toys are made from your order

All toys can be ordered in the color you choose.  They are made to order.  Crocheted with organic catnip inside.  All the catnip is enclosed in a no mess or pieces of catnip fall out of the toy.  The toys can be "refreshed" by putting them in a plastic baggie.  


Each Toy is priced in the comment under the photo or go to my store.  Shipping is extra and is based upon the number of toys purchased (by weight).  Shipping starts at $ 2.25 for parcel post and arrives within days.

E-mail me to get pricing and make orders

E-mail me at  Specify what you would like and I will send you a quote.  Most toys can be made within 1-2 days depending upon the number of pieces ordered.

See Pictures of My Toys!

Click on photo gallery (above).  (Then click on the Angel fish to see all the toys).  Prices are in the comment section under each toy.  New toys are designed and loaded up regularly.